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Leo Campbell reviews

here is the link to photos for my day at General Mills, Betty Crocker Kitchens, Que Rica Vida hope you enjoy. just click link below.  

My Name is Leo R. Campbell.  I live and work in Northern Arizona.  I live completely off the grid on a 40+ acre ranch in the Beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.   I am a Realtor with West USA Realty -  in the lovely towns of Pinetop and Snowflake, Arizona. 

I won the Que Rica Vida Magazine - Betty Crocker - General Mills cooking contest in 2010.  I had so many requests for my recipe, and for other recipe's,  for tips about off the grid rural living,  Country Crafts, Good old country helpful hints, and just about anything having to do with crafts, cooking, country life, and mountain living. That I decided to create this web page. 

I come from a large family, and crafting was a way of life.  We made due...(sound familiar these days?)  with so many of us in the family everyone had to pitch in.  Working on the car, in the yard, cooking, cleaning, building things, quilting yes quilting.  And so many other things I just can't recall them all.  Simply put, making due with what you have.  And putting everyone to work to accomplish everything. 

Because of today's economic conditions, and because it just makes good sense to conserve, and to work close as a family.   I thought I would share, some of my favorite recipes, crafts, hints, tips, cleaning tips, and country life know how.  And of course that of some of my friends. 

Please visit us often for added information.  please e-mail us with any items you may want to share.  If by chance you are looking to sell or purchase a home, Visit http://Leosland.com where you will find Mountain cabins, Log homes, Ranches, Large lots 20,40 or more acres and rural homes. 

Please visit us often because we add things all the time and most of all e-mail me if you would like to share Ideas, crafts, recipes, know how, tips, or any of the Items you like related to country and rural Living.   Just e-mail me  leosland@frontier.com

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