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Here are some Actual comments from people that have made my Laundry soap.
Crystal Lynn Guffey

ok so i finaly got the homemade laundry soap made!(thanks LEO!)but i did something a little differant! since if u put ivory soap in microwave & it turns 2 powder i decided 2 see what would happen with the fels naptha in the micro! baked up like a loaf of bread.3 minutess 30 sec did the trick! let it cool cut into chunks put it in my $10 food processer & viola! powdered soap! mixed easily with other ingredients (rolled the bucket around the house 2 mix!)(dogs thot i was nuts!)works great!gets rid of the stink on my hubbys clothes! even the expensive name brand soaps didn't work this well!(works @ pig farm gets into some really smelly stuff!)now if i could only do his work boots in it! mmm something 2 think about!
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Melissa Wehner Salmi I tried the homemade soap too! My daughter has eczema, and we haven't had a breakout in 3 months :)
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Nancy Carman-Engle Where is the post for the homemade laundry soap? I have been making mine for a few years now but wanted to compare the reicipe and maybe tweek mine :)
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Crystal Lynn Guffey click on leo Campbell's page he got it.

Leo Valenzuela Thank you Crystal, I've been improving mine for years, this is the best recipe I have come up with. Will try your trick with the Felz naptha. and don't forget the Zote soap, i fi...See More

Leo Valenzuela here is my page http://www.leosland.info soap is on the helpful hints page... Thanks again Crystal Lynn Guffey

Judy Alexandre I made this in July, I do 2-3 loads a day and still haven't made a dent in it yet!! I even gave some to my son and some to a friend. I'm still amazed at how great it cleans and how much I still have left!! Leo thanks again for the recipe!!

Leo Valenzuela Judy Thank you, and
you are soooo welcome. Have you
seen my make your own Jet dry for
the Dish washer yet? also a money saver.

next is my homemade laundry soap. you'll love this too.  

 Leos Home made laundry Detergent... about $22.00- $30.00 per year based on 2 people 4-5 loads per week.  price variance depends on options see below.   

Helpful uses for White Glue, Did you know that white school glue (like Elmers) can be used for a variety of things, for example:  
Black heads on your nose? remember those nose strips? well white glue works the same only better because it's non alergenic.  remember putting glue on your hands letting it dry and then peeling it off?  well do the same thing but on your nose, really!.  When you peel off the glue you won't believe your eyes. Your pores will be clean and free of debris.  White glue is non toxic and is safe to use. just remember to follow by washing then rinsing with Ice cold water and some witch hazel to close up those now clean pores,other wise they'll be blackheads again soon. . 
When I was a kid I got into cactus, and got a bunch of thorns in a large area.  My doctor used white glue same as above on the affected area.  When he peeled of the glue there went the thorns.  It turns out white glue is often used in the doctors office for these types of things.  now check out the Gardening tips for white glue uses in the garden. 

Here is the improved recipe: 

First time I post this new upgrade!

1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax- Found in the detergent aisle

1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda- Found in the detergent aisle

1 (3 lb) Container of OxyClean- Found in the detergent aisle. (This is optional but I highly recommend adding it)

3(14.1 oz) Bars of Zote Soap- Found in the detergent aisle
(I chose to do pink for the scent but the white would be just fine.)

i also add three Bars of Fels Naptha)

2 (2 lb) Boxes of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda- Found in the cooking aisle
(You could also get 1 4 lb box, i found it at Walmart)

I also like to add 1 Bag of Mexican laundry soap I.E. Foca, Ariel, Pinol, approx 4 pound bag 
(I like a little suds and the scent so this is totally optional but again i recommend it)

1 to 2 (55 oz) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener- Found in the detergent aisle depending on how soft and how much scent you like in your clothes. 

The hardest (not so hard really) is grating the Zote & Fels naptha soaps. If you are fortunate enough to have a food processor use it the soap washes out easily other wise use a hand Cheese grater. A blender just doesn't work it's a total failure.  Stick to either a hand grater or food processor if you are lucky enough to have one. The soap dissolves just fine, even in cold water. I know that could be a concern but you don't need to worry.  I would suggest using a large mixing bowl  to grate into and using the fine side of the grater.  i used a large pot for even more room. 

Make your own Furniture polish?  

use 2 parts Olive oil and 1 part Lemon oil or Vinegar.  as always fill a container and mark the contents on the container with a marker.  I write down recipe for next time.  Works great and is good for your furniture. 

Make your own Laundry stain and spot remover for Pennies: 
1  Oily Stain remover: 
    Label a spray bottle Oily Stain Remover you can even note the recipe for 
    next time: 
    1 tblspn glycerin
    1 tblspn Dish Soap
    13 tblspn water 
    Spray stain or spot allow to stand a few minutes then through into laundry               as usual. 
2.  Non Oily Stain Remover
     Again label spray bottle
     add equal parts of the following:
     Dish Soap
     spray spot or stain then launder as usual 
3.  All purpose stain remover 
     equal parts Alcohol and water:  you can again label the spray bottle or mix just        what you need for 1 x use. 
4.  Fruit stains, beverage stains, food stains (non protein) 
     label spray bottle 
     equal parts of the following: 
     White Vinegar
     dish soap
     spray on stain then launder as usual. 
Here are a few favorites that I always use. 
Fels-Naptha Bar soap (look in Laundry section made for Laundry) rub into stain
then launder as usual.  works great for a variety of stains. 
Zote Bar Soap (again made for laundry) a product of mexico available in most Latin Grocery stores - rub into stain then launder as usual.  works great for a variety of stains.
Shampoo works great on removing ring around the collar stains. 
Protein Stains? Milk, Meat, blood, sprinkle meat tenderizer on the stain then launder as usual it works. 
Finally Shaving cream,  thats right foamy soap, rub into stain, launder as usual.  works great 
White clothing have spots?  rub lemon juice on the spot or stain and put in the sun.  
underarm stains on white shirts?  just set in the sun no lemon needed unless it's really yellow then rub lemon and put in the sun... works really great  I saved several Designer shirts this way.  Do you know how much deodorant costs compared to a new White dress shirt? now a designer white shirt?.  you want them clean, white, and durable... try this you'll save $$$$

Welcome to my Helpful Hints Page
Here you will find a solution to everyday problems.
There is a mix of information I'm sure you will find useful
You can contact me leo@leosland.com if you have questions. 

I have rediscovered a great Old time product.  Borax, it saves money and works great, here are 2 uses so far.  

 Tired of paying too much for Jet Dry for your dish washer? try this instead, mix 3 cups of borax with 1 cup of Baking soda. mix well and store in a marked container I put the recipe right on it for the next time.  For each load add 1 teaspoon in the receptacle where you add the Jet dry.  works great and what a money saver... 

 I have also re-discovered Vinegar.  did you know you can safely mix Borax and vinegar to make a mold cleaner for the bathroom about 1 cup of vinegar to 2 tablespoons borax put in spray bottle and spray the moldy walls well.
Let this stand for a while and watch the mold come off easily. Then simply wipe down using clean water.

Below you will find a variety of home made products using borax and vinegar.  I have researched each one for safety.  starting with:  

Here is my lemon Vinegar recipe: I use this for cleaning

All-Purpose Lemon Vinegar Cleaner:

Fill container of your choice with cut up lemon Or Orange peels. I love using Mason Jars for this and I use one large jar. 
But you will need a plastic lid or you will need to line jar with plastic wrap Since the acidity of the vinegar  

Will eat up that pretty looking metal Lid (like the one in my picture -yep it happened) Add vinegar to cover the peels.

Seal with tight-fitting lid.Put it away and forget about it for two weeks. (this is the hardest part)
After two weeks, strain the lemon peels from the vinegar then add water. I used on a 50/50 mix of water and lemon vinegar.
I start a new batch the same day, I really use this stuff so I know I will need more in 2 weeks time.  

The first place I thought to use my new lemon Vinegar was in my kitchen It  gets the greasiest and dirtiest…the stove. Specifically the stove hood! It’s the place you can test grease cutters in my house. If it cleans this well, it can clean ANYWHERE!  And it cut through the grease and grime like it was nothing! I am really LOVING this stuff!

I carry this in my cleaning caddy along with a spray bottle of water with 3 teaspoons of my laundry soap shake well to mix then I use this to clean just about everything and it smells so good too.  Works great in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  i even use it to pre-treat my laundry... just spray it a few minutes before you throw it in the wash.  i also carry rags paper towels brushes including an old tooth brush, (I used to carry plain vinegar now i carry this) and I also use baking soda to scrub when it's needed.   Plain Lemon oil furniture polish.   finally a bottle of peroxide which is also a great cleaner... I'll post more on that later... 

This is what it all looks like, the big white Bucket (mine has a snap on lid that keeps it closed tight... ) you can get these types of buckets filled with Cat Litter you buy at the store or full of other stuff like laundry soap.
 (you know the kind) 

you should pour the ingredients in layers to make it easier to mix it up.  I pour layers of each ingredient about 1 fifth of the container at a time, then I stir with a spoon  i do this about 5 or 6 times, it mixes much easier than adding all ingredients then trying to mix the whole thing. 

you only need one to two teaspoons per load. (really)  you maybe tempted to add more but trust me this is plenty.  The soap does not make a lot of foam.. but you will see how good it cleans.  If you choose to add the Purex Crystals to your soap... just use the empty bottle as the container for the soap you will use.  This makes a lot so most of it will be in the big white bucket, the the Purex Crystals bottle works great as a dispensor to use the soap.  The cap from the Purex Crystals bottle has 3 lines each line is approx. 1 teaspoon, so you would use one or two teaspoons depending on your load. A Large load or extra dirty load might need 2 teaspoons.  a regular load uses one.  I spent about $30 on mine with the mexican laundry soap and the purex Crystals. in my recipe  i add the 3 zote bars and 3 Fels Naptha bar for extra cleaning power
  That is all there is to it.and
this recipe really is one Teaspoon  to two Teaspoons per load

But you can use a little more when the stuff is dirty and calls for extra clean. I also use some of my soap in a spray bottle mix with water until dissolved well, I use this to spray on any stains, collars, cuffs, hems anything that gets extra dirty.!    
here is another option... if you want extra softness and scent use 2 bottles of Purex Crystals instead of 1.. your choice.

Uses for White Vinegar:   Shared by my good friend:  Patti Townley-Covert   

When your drain's stopped up--mine bathroom, one gets black gunk from time to time--

this at-home recipe will dissolve most organic material that's stuck in there.
Pour 1/4 cup baking soda into clogged drain.
Top it off with 1 cup vinegar.
Let it bubble and fizz for five minutes. (Someplace I read to leave it overnight, which I did.)
Pour 2 quarts boiling water down the drain.
I was astonished at how well this worked. Way better than any drain cleaner I've ever seen.
I've also read you can use white vinegar to

stop athlete's foot by soaking your feet in it
to clean shower door tracks by filling them with white distilled vinegar and let it sit for a few hours. Then pour hot water into the tracks and wash and scrub away the scum with a toothbrush.
To make the toilet bowl sparkle, pour in a cup or more of diluted white distilled vinegar and let it sit several hours or overnight. Scrub well with a toilet brush then flush.
Great on tile but DO NOT use on marble. The acid can damage the surface.
Keep a cat out of a garden area by placing paper or cloth that's been soaked in white vinegar in the area.
Soothe a sunburn with a spary of white distilled vinegar. Ice-cold it will feel even better and may prevent blistering and peeling.
Calm jellyfish stings. Fill a bucket with it and soak the affected area for 15 to 30 minutes. It stops the nematocysts from releasing more venom. Then scrape the area with a credit card or knife edge to remove any clinging nematocysts.