Diabetic Recipes

LAST YEAR,  I was diagnosed with Diabetes, (i AM NO LONGER A DIABETIC DUE TO MY DIET) or should I say, I watch myself and no longer require medication AT All

I learned quickly there are no Quick Start ideas on the web nor was I provided enough information to do my self any good.   Yes I was given information about diet (in fact a 3 day recipe plan) but some of it made little sense to me.  As it turns out what works for one may or may not work for someone else (we are all individuals) But here are things you can do to get started:  

First of all you know you have to get rid of sugar, And I mean completely  don't use artificial sweeteners those aren't the best alternative either.  My new mantra is "If God made it I can eat it, if man touched it (with few exceptions) I cannot eat it.  so No Artificial foods.  

 First things to take out (don't worry I'll give you great options)  Soda's, Cakes, doughnuts, Ice cream, sweets, cookies. I don't need to point them all out you get the Idea. 

Sugar is the enemy, so that is what you remove first.  Here are some alternative and remember it is better to add as much variety as possible.  for example I got rid of Sugar, I bought Blue Agave syrup this is great to help your Sugar levels from spiking.  But I don't use it everyday or for every thing.  I also use Raw Stevia too sometimes.  Honey on rare occassions, and perhaps raw sugar if push comes to shove (I try to avoid this at all costs but sometimes you just have to use some) But I don't do Splenda or any of those. 

First I recommend you begin to take 2 tablespoons in the Morning and 2 at night of Apple Cider Vinegar- Raw with the mother -  I used to buy Bragg's now I make my own (I will post a recipe here and it is very easy and much cheaper)  Quality Apple cidar vinegar is expensive don't use the filtered kind it does not contain the Mother and so will not benefit you as much.  remember to check with your doctor if you are on insulin, this may not work for you.  

I have learned that Fruits contain Fructose but the benefits out weight the negatives.   I try to eat fruit in the morning and all before 3pm.  This works for me.  My diet plan said I should eat an Orange for a late night snack?  See what I mean, I later learned they mean a Tangelo, or a small orange (not the amount we are used to eating.  Strawberry's, Blueberrys, Raspberry's, are all good and don't spike our sugar,  things like Apples, Pineapple, banana's contain higher amounts of sugar so I usually use them sparingly and in my Juicing.  (more on that later).   

One thing we must do is change our meat-  Chicken and fish will make up the majority of your diet.  I allow myself up to 2 days a week for Meat.  Usually Saturday & Sunday (we go out and have family over on weekends) So this makes it easier.   I eat maybe some steak, or ground beef, or pork but always the leanest cuts I can find.  

Next we must increase our consumption of Vegetables (no you don't eat enough)  I thought I ate enough too because I love veggies.  The truth is we don't eat anywhere near enough veggies ever. This is where Juicing helps us out.  First get a Nutri-Bullet or a Ninja or what ever brand you like best.  Make sure it is a heavy duty one (they sell small ones but they don't last very long when you are using them everyday).   Next I buy a package of Juicing greens (baby spinach & Kale)  I also buy a large clear container of Salad Greens at Safeway ($5.00) per box.  
I fill 1/2 of the juicer with a mix of greens and salad, I toss in 1/2 apple 1/2 banana, or some strawberries or your choice. Use some Yogurt (I use greek zero) has lowest amount of sugar. I add some peanut butter or some nuts (walnut, pecan, almond, pistachio) are best.  I also add Chia seeds and some flax seed (for men we use this and not fish oil for omega)  Fish oil raises risk of prostrate cancer in men.   https://www.nutriliving.com/  it's free to join and you even get special recipes made for you and your health. (just answer a short questionaire about your health) and you will get specific recipes to help YOUR LIFE.      There is more and for today I am out of time but I will return in the next day or so to finish this up.  Hope this helps you so far.  

Do yourself a favor and get a Bullet (blender) or any of those super duper juicer/blenders out there.  then visit http://Nutriliving.com  lots of great recipes tips Oh and they tell you what you should eat based on Diabetes, or anything you suffer from, sometimes 2 or 3 things.. It's ok, it's all about eating right... Worked for me

Recipes and pictures coming soon!  I promise

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